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GoldSeal Remanufactured Instruments


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GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business offers GoldSeal remanufactured instruments that deliver:

  • A comprehensive offering including installation and support documentation.
  • A one-year warranty, identical to our new instrument sales.
  • Access to all applicable software licenses.
  • Additional services, training, consumables and accessories from our entire Life Sciences catalog.
  • Support from our applications scientists throughout the lifetime of the instrument.

Our GoldSeal process: To capitalize on Original Equipment Manufacturer certified quality. 

Our GoldSeal process starts with systems which have well-known and acceptable service histories that are able to meet our stringent standards for remanufacturing.

  • Each system is remanufactured and tested according to the same QA standards as new instruments.
  • Gold Seal’s Global facilities are staffed by GE engineers, expertly trained in the exact instrument type being remanufactured.
  • Using only OEM parts, every system goes through an exacting, proprietary process to meet original system specifications and performance.
  • We own the entire process end-to-end and provide a same-as-new warranty.

In fact, after the remanufacturing process, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between a GoldSeal system and a new system in a side-by-side comparison.

Globally conscious, fiscally aware

In the spirit of GE’s ecomagination commitment to products and services that are environmentally friendly, GoldSeal promotes the re-use and recycling of Life Sciences equipment so their components don’t end up in landfills. When you purchase GoldSeal and extend the life of an instrument, you contribute to the rebirth and regeneration of a viable piece of research technology.

This ecologically aware process also provides GE technology to financially conscious researchers globally who require high quality Life Sciences instrumentation. Providing a high quality, low-cost instrumentation alternative to these emerging laboratories will always be a focus for the Life Sciences GoldSeal remanufacturing program.

Our continuum of ongoing service and support ensures your GoldSeal ownership experience is everything you’ve come to expect from GE Healthcare.

  • Service contracts available, the same as you would get with a new system.
  • Responsive, local service team.
  • Flexible financing (Check availability with your local sales representative).
  • Continuing education programs.
  • Accessories, consumables, and other supplies.
  • Trade-in program for your pre-owned equipment.

GoldSeal’s Trade-in / Buy-back program offers researchers an upgrade path to the latest versions of Life Sciences instrumentation.

  • Upgrade your earlier versions of GE branded instrumentation.
  • Make use of your surplus installed base by selling it to us to free up capital.
  • We offer a Fair Market Value for your equipment.

To have your instrument evaluated for the GoldSeal program:

  • Contact your local GE representative.
  • GoldSeal will arrange for a local Life Sciences engineer to inspect your system at no cost.
  • A multistep protocol is performed to confirm the condition and functionality of the instrument.


Instruments acquired by the Trade- in/ Buyback program have all de-installation, shipping, and handling costs handled by GoldSeal.

If you are interested in our latest inventory of GoldSeal instruments or would like to get a quote for your used instrument, please contact your local sales representative.