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Analytical technologies
Analytical Technologies

Gain a deeper understanding of biological processes using our wide range of analytical methods and technologies

Bioprocess Filtration
Bioprocess Filtration

Our bioprocess filtration solutions can be used in the purification of virtually any biomolecule

protein antibody
Bioprocess Single-Use Products

Single-use bioprocessing products bring seamless, scalable implementation to upstream and downstream operations.

Cell Growth
Cell Culture & Preparation

The production of cells for in vitro work support cell therapy research as well as basic research on cell functions


Chromatographic purification of biomolecules offers excellent scalability, and high purity and yield

General Laboratory Products
General Laboratory Accessories

Keep your laboratory running smoothly with our general laboratory accessories

Laboratory Filtration

Access the complete Whatman laboratory filtration range

Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology Products

Isolate and manipulate your proteins and nucleic acids using high quality reagents and convenient kits


Inherit decades of expertise by joining one of our training courses that connects theory with practical training