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Stirred-Tank Mixing Systems

Xcellerex single-use stirred-tank mixing systems are designed for convenient and efficient mixing of buffer, media, product, and other process fluids. For convenience and flexibility, we offer a variety of bag assemblies, tubing lines, connections, and sampling and sensing capabilities that accommodate a wide array of applications.


XDM Quad Mixing System, polypropylene
Xcellerex XDM Quad Single-Use Mixing System

The XDM Quad Mixing System delivers robustness and flexibility for a wide variety of mixing applications. Volume range is from 50 L to 1000 L in stainless configurations and 50 L to 500 L in polypropylene configurations.

XDUO Quad Intelligent Mixing System, Jacketed Stainless Steel
Xcellerex XDUO Quad Intelligent Single-Use Mixing System

The XDUO Quad intelligent plug-and-play single-use mixing system features powerful onboard automation capabilities, including in-line sensing and process control, combined with robust mixing and ease of use. The volume range is from 100 L to 1000 L.

XDUO 2500 Mixer
Xcellerex XDUO 2500 Mixer

The XDUO 2500 is our first single-use mixer to support large-scale mixing of up to 2500 L in upstream and downstream bioprocessing workflows.