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Filtration Microplates and Accessories

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GE Healthcare’s UNIFILTER Filtration Microplates encapsulate the filter media by a process that reduces crosstalk and/or contamination between wells. This technology allows us to use a variety of Whatman filter media to meet a variety of application requirements. The drip director design of UNIFILTER microplates ensures precise collection of the filtrate. UNIFILTER Filtration Microplates are available in several well formats and well volumes.

Our UNIPLATE Collection Microplates for collection and analysis are available in various well formats.

The design of Whatman Filtration Microplates allows for a large number of applications. Disciplines such as sample preparation, genomics, and filtration-based assays are served by the multiwell approach to filtration technology. Some core applications include sample clean-up, cell-based immunoassays, isolation of nucleic acids, and compound library generation using parallel synthesis procedures.

Whatman - Multiwell images
Filtration Microplates (Unifilter)

Microplates in 24, 96, and 384 well formats with a choice of filter media

Collection Microplates (Uniplate)

Collection microplates in 24, 48, 96, and 384 well formats

Whatman - Multiwell images
Accessories for Microplates

Vacuum manifolds, capmats and seals for microplates