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Laboratory Filtration

We offer a complete range of laboratory filtration products, from filter papers and membranes to syringe filters, capsules, microplates, and filter vials. Whatman filters are world-renowned as a standard for laboratory filtration and are associated with quality, reliability, and reproducibility. Products such as our ready-to-use glass fiber filters, for determination of suspended solids in water, or our Mini-UniPrep G2 filter vial, for preparing multiple HPLC/UHPLC samples simultaneously, help you obtain higher quality results in less time.

Filtration is one of the most common techniques used in the laboratory to purify or concentrate samples. It can be used for many applications such as sample clarification before analysis, mobile phase filtration, membrane-based microbiology, sample sterilization, or particle sampling before analysis. Our Whatman filters are used in a wide range of areas such as quality testing in the pharmaceutical industry and in the food and beverage industry, but also in research and in environmental monitoring.

membrane filter
Filter Papers and Membrane Filters

Broad range of filter media and retention/flow rate combinations for general laboratory filtration purposes

Syringe Filters and Syringeless Filters
Syringe Filters and Syringeless Filters

Explore our options for analytical sample filtration

Capsule Filters
Capsule Filters

Pleated membrane or depth filter media in compact capsule housings for filtration of larger volumes

Filtration Microplates
Filtration Microplates and Accessories

Filtration and collection microplates for use in genomics, sample preparation, and filtration-based assays

Other filtration devices
Other Filtration Devices

Vacuum protection filters, venting filters, and in-line filters

Membrane Butler
Microbiology Filtration

Filtration systems and membranes for microbiological testing in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and water testing industries