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Cell Therapy Bioreactors

GE Healthcare bioreactors are designed to address the technical and manufacturing needs of laboratories growing cells for cell therapy purposes. Our Xuri Cell Expansion Systems can be used for translational research, clinical research and process development, and are suitable for use in regulated environments.

Several parameters must be considered when expanding cells in bioreactors. Environmental conditions in the bioreactor such as gas content (air, O2, N2, CO2), flow rates, temperature, pH, agitation speed, and circulation rate must all be closely monitored and controlled. The disposable, presterile Cellbag Bioreactor chamber is placed on a rocking platform where the gentle waves provide mixing and oxygen transfer. Cellbag Bioreactors require no cleaning or sterilization, providing ease of operation and significant time savings.

Xuri Cell Expansion System W25
Bioreactor Systems

Xuri Cell Expansion Systems help you progress the manufacture of cells from research to the clinical stage