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Chromatography Systems and Software

ÄKTA chromatography systems can handle simple and complex protein purification methods" in different scales, accelerating daily routines. All systems are controlled by UNICORN, a common software platform that guides users through different purification scales and applications.

All ÄKTA lab-scale protein purification systems are easy-to-use benchtop chromatography systems. The simplest one, ÄKTA start automates manual purification procedures using for example HiTrap columns. ÄKTA avant offers a large number of features that speed up method and process development work, bridging early stage development and production. ÄKTA pure is a highly flexible system that allows researchers to configure a system that meets preferred automation needs at any given time.

The BioProcess, large-scale systems come in different flavors. ÄKTAprocess offers a versatile design with thousands of configuration possibilities, while ÄKTA ready provides flexibility and convenience with disposable flow paths that eliminate the need for cleaning and cleaning validation between batches.

ÄKTA avant
Lab-Scale Chromatography Systems

For research and process development work

Unicorn start

To control, monitor, and evaluate chromatography runs, cell culture and membrane separations

BioProcess HPLC/MPLC System
BioProcess Chromatography Systems

For process scale-up and large-scale production