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General Laboratory Accessories

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Our general laboratory accessories include microplates for various applications, extraction thimbles, and test papers such as antibiotic assay discs and pH indicator papers. We also offer products for surface protection, cleaning, weighing, and storage that are used in thousands of laboratories around the world.

In any laboratory, products are needed to maintain a clean and efficient working environment, for example surface protection, cleaning accessories, and adequate storage. Absorbent and impermeable Benchkote paper, for example, protects laboratory surfaces from accidental spillages and helps prevent contamination.

Extraction thimbles
Extraction Thimbles

Cellulose and glass fiber extraction thimbles

Benchkote laboratory surface protection
Protection, Cleaning, Storage and Weighing

Comprehensive range of accessories for routine work in your laboratory

Whatman - Filter Paper & Membrane images
Test and Chromatography Papers

Chromatography papers, seeds testing papers, pH indicators, test papers, and assay papers for healthcare