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For decades, we have provided academia and industry with chromatography solutions that have enabled breakthroughs in science and medicine. Our products include media or resins for all major chromatographic techniques, prepacked columns for manual purification at the lab bench to complete production systems that support the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals.

Advances in protein science and chromatography have gone hand-in-hand. Our contributions include significant developments that range from electrophoresis-based methods to Sephadex, the world’s first commercial gel filtration (size exclusion) media. Today, monoclonal antibodies, hormones, vaccines, and plasma proteins are the focus of basic research and development. Their purification inevitably involves chromatography media that are the successors of Sephadex, on liquid chromatography systems such as ÄKTA design systems.

ÄKTA pure
Chromatography Systems and Software

Achieve your goals in biomolecule purification and separation using ÄKTA design systems

Pump P-901
Chromatography Accessories

An extensive range of accessories and spare parts ensures smooth operations and versatile applications

HiScreen Capto L
Columns and Resins sorted by Chromatography Technique

Our extensive range of chromatography resins covers a range of purification needs from initial capture to final polishing

BioProcess MPLC Columns
Customized Columns

We design and build customized columns in any dimension and for any pressure, including equipment for easy column packing.

AxiChrom 50-200 Collection
Empty Chromatography Columns

From lab-scale to pilot-scale and production, we have an extensive portfolio of chromatography columns

ReadyToProcess Adsorber membrane
Chromatography Membranes

ReadyToProcess Adsorber membranes for efficient purification at high flow rates