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Sample Preparation

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We offer a wide range of products for protein and DNA sample preparation. These include kits for extraction and cleanup of protein samples for 2-D electrophoresis, sample concentration, albumin depletion, and affinity ligand-based enrichment using formats such as SpinTrap, MultiTrap and Mag Sepharose. We also offer a range of illustra and Nucleon kits for you to collect, archive, extract, and purify nucleic acids from a variety of starting materials, as well as for sample clean-up.

Good sample preparation is critical to the success of downstream analytical methods. For example, protein analysis may demand the retention of biological function or activity. Analysis of genomic DNA demands generation of highly pure DNA, while analysis of gene expression requires isolation of mRNA with effective elimination of degrading RNases.

Kits for protein and DNA sample preparation frequently include high quality reagents and may use separation techniques that involve gel filtration, affinity, or dialysis. The methods must be able to accommodate a range of starting materials at different scales. illustra TriplePrep Kit allows the isolation of proteins, DNA, and RNA from the same, undivided sample.

Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation

Success in downstream applications starts with efficient DNA or RNA purification

Protein Sample Preparation

The success of your analysis is only as good as the preparation of your protein samples