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Our range of products for DNA cloning includes transfection reagents, the GST Gene Fusion System comprised of GST pGEX Vectors and sequencing primers, as well as nucleotides and natural DNAs. Enzymes and kits are available for DNA modification by simple cloning using blunt ends or 5’ overhangs. The Recombinant Phage Antibody System (RPAS) is designed to clone mouse antibody genes and to express and detect functional antibodies.

Molecular cloning involves inserting an isolated DNA molecule into a suitable vector and then transferring the vector to a host cell for propagation. Cloning can be used to generate large numbers of copies of DNA for sequencing. Alternatively, coding sequences can be cloned into expression vectors specifically designed to produce large amounts of recombinant protein for purification or functional analysis.
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and the combination of PCR with reverse transcription have revolutionized DNA cloning, enabling reverse-engineering of expressed genes. Cloning was one of the first techniques to demand extensive enzymatic modification of DNA. Modification steps include cleavage at specific positions, modification of fragment ends, addition of groups such as labels, and linking fragments together.

Blunt-ended PCR Cloning Kit
Cloning Kits and Reagents

Streamline your DNA cloning work

φX-174 RF DNA-<i>Hae</i> III Digest
DNA Ladders

DNA ladders for size estimation of DNA fragments

Thrombin protease
Modifying Enzymes

The use of enzymes to modify nucleic acids is important for several techniques

Natural DNAs

Use natural DNA to standardize your plasmid quantitation

Adenosine 5'-Triphosphate, Disodium, Crystalline (ATP)

High quality nucleotides for a variety of applications

pGEX 5' Sequencing Primer 5'-d[GGG-CTGGCAAGCCACGTTTGGTG]-3'
Oligonucleotide Primers for Sequencing

Sequence inserts cloned into pGEX vectors using our primers


Single stranded, duplex, and primer/template polynucleotides

Recombinant Phage Antibody System (RPAS)

Clone, express, and detect mouse antibody genes based on phage display

<i>E. coli</i> BL21

Efficiently introduce DNA into your host cells

M13KO7 Helper Phage

Vectors for efficient expression of GST-tagged recombinant proteins