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PCR Amplification

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We offer kits for hotstart PCR and RT-PCR in different formats including predispensed Ready-To-Go (RTG) reagents in an ambient, temperature-stable bead form. Our polymerases include PuReTaq DNA polymerase, free from contaminating DNA, and FideliTaq DNA Polymerase for high fidelity amplification of long PCR products. Our illustra RT-PCR kits provide one-step RT-PCR reactions for both cDNA synthesis and PCR using only one buffer and primer set.

The possibility of exponentially amplifying specified regions of the genome using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) revolutionized biology. The success of PCR relies on many factors including specificity of the PCR primers, as well as the fidelity and thermostability of the DNA polymerase. Side reactions caused by mispriming and extension can be avoided by hot start polymerases that are only active above a temperature where mispriming no longer occurs.
The power of PCR has expanded to include the amplification of cDNA by reverse transcription of RNA. RT-PCR can be used to determine expression levels of specific genes, to clone low abundance RNAs, and for sequencing the coding region of genes.

Ready-To-Go T-Primed First-Strand Kit

Single-tube RT-PCR ensures effective processing of your sensitive RNA

Standard PCR

Large-scale amplification of specific genomic regions is made possible by PCR