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Molecular Biology Products

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We offer a wide range of sample preparation products for nucleic acids and proteins including products for lysis, extraction, sample concentration, and sample clean-up. We also provide products for manipulating molecules such as kits and reagents for PCR and RTPCR. Nucleic acids can be amplified and cloned with our kits, before sequencing, or for expression of recombinant proteins.

General lab
Biochemicals, Additives, and Buffers (A-Z listing)

High quality results start with high quality reagents

Molecular Biology

Efficiently clone DNA into vectors for expression of recombinant proteins

Manual Fragment Analysis
Oligonucleotide Synthesis

The quality of your analysis starts with high fidelity oligonucleotide synthesis

Manual Fragment Analysis
PCR Amplification

Utilize the power of PCR for nucleic acid amplification and genetic analysis

Sample Collection
Sample Collection Cards & Kits

Convenient and reliable solutions for sample collection, transportation, and room temperature storage

Molecular Biology
Sample Preparation

Prepare samples that meet your purity requirements for downstream analysis

Manual Fragment Analysis
SeqWright Genomic Services

SeqWright offers DNA sequencing and molecular biology services based on your research and clinical trial requirements.