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Bioprocess Single-Use Products

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GE Healthcare's single-use bioprocessing platform brings seamless, scalable implementation to upstream and downstream operations in biopharmaceutical production. It is designed to simplify and accelerate process design and manufacturing, reduce time-consuming activities, and increase your manufacturing agility. From start to finish, our single-use bioprocessing platform enables rapid response times, flexibility, and product safety.

Our products for single-use bioprocessing include systems and accessories for cell culture and fermentation, separation and purification, fluid management, and connectivity.


ReadyToProcess Bins for in-process storage and handling of bioprocess fluids, buffers, and media.

ReadyToProcess Normal Flow Assembly and ReadyCircuit Pillow Bag
Bag Assemblies

ReadyCircuit bag assemblies come in a variety of configurations to facilitate transfer to production.

ReadyMate DAC 375 3/8in barb
Disposable Aseptic Connectors

ReadyMate genderless aseptic connectors provide sterile connections.

XDM Quad Mixing System, Jacketed Stainless Steel
Single-Use Mixers

Single-use mixing systems ready to assist you in achieving a homogenous solution for the application of your choice.

ReadyKart and ReadyKart Mini

ReadyKart mobile processing station simplifies ergonomic placement of bags, tube sets, filters, and other related equipment.

Sensor Assemblies
Sensor Assemblies

Temperature, pressure and conductivity sensors in preconfigured assemblies.

ReadyToProcess Normal Flow Capsule Assembly
Single-Use Filtration Products

Single-use filtration technologies save time and money and reduce the risk of cross-contamination

Hot Lips Tube Sealer
Tube Sealing and Fusing Systems

Automated devices for aseptic connections.

Tubing Assemblies
Tubing Assemblies

ReadyCircuit tubing assemblies, terminating with different connectors, for your specific processing needs.

ÄKTA ready
ÄKTA ready Chromatography System and ReadyToProcess Columns

Liquid chromatography system with quick-change, disposable flow paths that enable flexibility and speed in bioprocessing.