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Cell Culture & Preparation

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For decades, we have supported cell science by supplying reagents, materials, and accessories. Our portfolio includes WAVE and Xcellerex products for disposable cell culture, Ficoll-Paque and Percoll density centrifugation media, and microcarriers. Our stem cell-derived tools can be used to assess toxicity during drug discovery research.

Optimizing cell preparation, culture, and expansion is critical when productivity is a high priority. Ready-to-use technologies including WAVE and Xcellerex bioreactors provide flexible and efficient culture of a variety of cell types. Even anchorage-dependent cells can be expanded to the same extent as cells in suspension using microcarriers. In addition, media can be supplemented with lectins or mitogenic agents to increase yield or cell activation.

Bioreactors for Cell Culture
Bioprocessing Bioreactors

Trusted, validated disposable bioreactors that can help you to a faster, leaner, and more cost-effective bioprocess.

WAVE Bioreactor System 2/10,System 2/10 Perfusion Controller and Cellbag
Cell Therapy Bioreactors

Bioreactors designed to address the technical and manufacturing needs of laboratories growing cells for cell therapy purposes

Cell Growth
Cell Culture Media & Reagents

Browse our offering of cell culture media and reagents to meet the culture requirements of even challenging cell types.