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Immunoassays, Biochemical Assays, Accessories, and Reagents

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For decades, we have developed assays that cover numerous fields ranging from biological research to drug discovery research. For example, we offer a range of biochemical assays and ELISAs. We provide unlabeled and labeled primary and secondary antibodies as well as reagents for antibody labeling with fluorescent dyes, streptavidin, and other proteins. In addition, we offer components for membrane-based diagnostic tests, especially lateral flow and flow-through immunoassays, and high-quality papers for dry chemistry dipsticks.

The wide range of assays available, including those based on antibodies (immunoassays) or enzymes (biochemical assays), are valuable to increase our understanding of cellular and biomolecular functions. In drug discovery research, assays are used to characterize promising targets.

Components for Lateral Flow and Flow-Through Immunoassays

Wide range of membranes and cellulose and glass fiber substrates

Cell Science Category
Immunoassays and Biochemical Assays

Draw confident conclusions using complimentary assays and technologies