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Normal Flow Filtration

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The ULTA family of normal flow filtration (NFF) products is designed to support a wide range of biopharmaceutical liquid filtration applications. Cartridges and capsules are fully traceable with unique serial number integrity. A range of capsules and filter discs are also available for small volume processes as well as sample throughput characterization.

Normal flow filtration (NFF) products increase process efficiency from early phase product development through to production by protecting downstream operations or by polishing final products.
In NFF, the feed stream moves perpendicular to the membrane and purified liquid passes through the membrane. Membrane filters primarily retain matter due to size differences between the molecules and the pores in the membrane. Particulates and aggregates are retained in the pores or form a ‘filter cake’ that reduces flow and increases pressure over time. Generally, normal flow filters are used when clarification or bioburden reduction is desired in relatively low solid streams, such as during final polishing of a product.