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Bioprocess Filtration

GE Healthcare provides filtration solutions and support for integrated bioprocessing applications at every step and every scale of the drug development, validation, and manufacturing processes. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration cartridges, ÄKTAcrossflow systems, ULTA products for normal flow filtration, and our single-use ReadyToProcess range are just some of the many products available.

The purification of biomolecules generally involves the use of cross flow filtration (CFF or TFF) or normal flow (NFF or dead-end) filtration combined with chromatographic separations. CFF and NFF retain matter through size exclusion, acting as a “positive barrier” and are complementary to the selectivity of chromatography. Typical applications performed by filtration include protein concentration, buffer exchange, cell harvesting and sterilization of cell culture media.

Crossflow Filtration

CFF/TFF is an effective technique for filtration of cells and viscous feed streams in research applications as well as biomanufacturing

Normal Flow Filtration

NFF is well-suited for the clarification and removal of bioburden