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Molecular Imaging

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We offer products for labeling, detection, and quantitation of protein, DNA, and RNA. Our imaging products include films, CCD camera-based imagers, and scanners. We also offer a range of dyes, labeling kits, accessories, and image analysis software designed for techniques such as colorimetry, densitometry, chemiluminescence, fluorescence, 2-D Difference Gel Electrophoresis (DIGE), and phosphorimaging.

The optimal imaging system depends on the system of detection. Digital imaging with a CCD-based camera or a scanner is commonly used for the detection of proteins and nucleic acids. CCD-based cameras are highly sensitive imagers, for example for chemiluminescence-based detection, whereas scanners are suitable for detection of emitted fluorescent signals after excitation of a fluorophore with a laser.
When chemiluminescence is used as the detection system, autoradiography may be used to record emitted signals. Autoradiographic detection using X-ray film or a storage phosphor screen is very sensitive and is compatible with most imagers. X-ray films are sensitive, however long exposure times may be needed for the detection of very weak signals. Filmless imaging, using storage phosphor screens, has the advantage of sensitivity and typically require only one tenth of the exposure time required by autoradiography film.

Amersham Hyperfilm ECL
Autoradiography Films and Accessories

Our products for autoradiographic film imaging deliver quality results for a wide range of applications

Amersham Imager 600
Imaging Systems, Software, and Accessories

High quality molecular imaging systems are essential for reliable quantitative analysis