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Cell Analysis and Imaging

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From IN Cell high-content imagers with extensive data analysis to DeltaVision super-resolution cellular imaging, GE Healthcare’s cutting-edge quantitative imaging technologies give you amazing depth and breadth of investigation, allowing you to analyze interactions as they happen and gain deeper insights into complex cellular mechanisms. Cytell Cell Imaging System combines the functions of a digital microscope, an image cytometer, and a cell counter in a single instrument. Our Cytiva and Cytell cell-based assays and cell models for drug discovery are valuable tools for revealing cell mechanisms at the molecular level.

Over the past decade, automation of both image acquisition and analysis have paved the way for a more robust and productive approach to cell biology. Detailed examination of cells at the microscopic level enables you to probe complex signaling mechanisms, elucidate molecular function, study cell behavior, and correlate multiple events and markers with cell morphology.


High Content Analysis Imagers
High Content Analysis

HCA is a powerful technique for high throughput microscopic analysis of cells

High- and Super-Resolution Imaging
High- and Super-Resolution Imaging

Advanced imaging solutions for cellular and subcellular visualization.

Image Cytometry

Accelerates routine cellular analysis. At your bench, on demand.

Cytiva High Content Analysis Assays
Cell-Based Assays

Functional assays optimized for more accurate representation of cell biology context