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Label-Free Analysis Technologies

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We offer a range of systems, accessories, and reagents for label-free analysis using surface plasmon resonance (SPR). This provides information-rich, real time data without the use of labels. In areas as diverse as basic research, drug discovery research, process development and quality control (QC), SPR allows you to draw confident conclusions about biomolecular interactions enabling more confident decision making.

Label-free interaction analysis is of increasing importance in the academic, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology markets. Label-free analysis enables the comprehensive characterization of biomolecular interactions and complex stability.
SPR detects the formation and dissociation of molecular complexes by changes in mass. The information-rich data enable key insights into biological processes and molecular binding mechanisms. These technologies meet the needs of fields as diverse as biological research, biotherapeutic and small molecule drug development research, immunogenicity studies and vaccine development, and QC.

Surface Plasmon Resonance SPR
Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

Label-free molecular interaction analysis using SPR provides quantitative data on specificity, concentration, kinetics, and affinity