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WAVE Bioreactors

The single-use, wave-rocking bioreactor was introduced in the late 1990’s as an easy-to-use, flexible, and cost-efficient alternative to stainless steel bioreactors, which require continuous time-consuming cleaning and validation between batches.

The disposable WAVE Bioreactor systems were designed based on a non-invasive rocking motion that provides excellent mixing and gas transfer for cell growth. The single-use rocking technology pioneered the market and drove the movement for scalable disposable cell culture bioreactors in both research and GMP manufacturing applications.  

Today, our portfolio of rocking bioreactors has been developed to consist of fully integrated systems with intelligent control software and advanced sensor technology. This combination results in bioreactors that are both easy-to-use and reliable to help you maximize the output, and save time and costs.  

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