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UNICORN Control Software

UNICORN system control software provides built-in knowledge for planning, controlling, and analyzing your protein purification runs as well as your cell culture and preparation.

With a uniform and intuitive interface you can handle simple as well as highly complex tasks ranging from controlling a single ÄKTA chromatography system or ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 rocking bioreactor system to operating a regulated manufacturing facility.

Upgrade to Our New and Improved UNICORN 7

GE Healthcare is focused on delivering additional benefits in each new release of UNICORN software to:

  • Help you gain productivity.
  • Optimize your system benefits.
  • Provide you with more functionality.
  • Improve your user experience.

UNICORN 7 retains the advantages of previous versions, with the added benefit of quick and easy evaluation of your results.


UNICORN supports you in making headway in research. It is for researchers studying proteins and who are striving to find the right balance between time spent on protein purification and achieving the right level of purity. UNICORN is a flexible, yet simple protein purification software that addresses each researcher’s unique needs and provides confidence.

Gain Productivity in Process Development

UNICORN is an efficient solution for process development. Use the design of experiment (DoE) feature for deeper understanding using a minimum number of experiments. Once you have found the optimal process for your protein of interest, transfer to manufacturing for scale-up.

Extensive Support for Large Facilities

If you work in a multi-user environment with many systems, networking systems allows you to share data and collaborate between users and systems in an efficient and controlled manner. True remote operation means that you can monitor and control your runs away from the lab.

Security in Manufacturing

In the manufacturing environment, UNICORN is a single familiar interface for chromatography, cell culture, and membrane separations. UNICORN is technically compatible with all relevant sections of FDA 21 CFR Part 11. UNICORN supports efficient control of processes, quick data evaluation, and custom reporting functionalities.

Get Instrument-Specific Software

To access the latest versions of instrument-specific software and the column library file, please refer to the Related Documents tab in the product page of the respective system.


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