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Superdex Size Exclusion Media


Superdex gel filtration media consist of dextran covalently attached to highly cross-linked agarose, combining the excellent gel filtration properties of cross-linked dextran with the physical and chemical stability of highly cross-linked agarose. With high resolution and recovery as well as short run times, Superdex is the gel filtration media of choice for applications from laboratory to process scale.

The stability of Superdex enables it to withstand harsh conditions of repeated autoclaving, or exposure to abrasive chemicals including strong bases and acids, detergents and denaturing reagents – a robustness of character that makes preparative grade Superdex excellent media for demanding, industrial separation processes.

Superdex is available as small beads, which are optimal for micropreparative and analytical runs, as well as larger beads for preparative work. Different selectivities of Superdex are available that enable separation among peptides and small proteins, while others are designed for the resolution of much higher molecular weight analytes such as aggregated immunoglobulins.

Key Features

  • Outstanding selectivity and excellent resolution: choice of selectivities enables separation within discrete separation range intervals from Mr of 102 to 6 x 105.
  • High recovery: negligible non-specific interactions.
  • Stable: tolerates high pressure, repeated autoclaving, and exposure to abrasive chemicals.
  • Prepacked columns: prepacked Tricorn and Precision Columns (PC) are available for high resolution micropurification, using Superdex with smaller bead sizes. For preparatory work, prepacked HiLoad columns are available.


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