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Sepharose Chromatography Media

The Sepharose family of agarose-based chromatography media is chemically versatile, allowing the stable attachment of ligands for purification of different enzymes, antibodies, and other proteins and peptides, greatly expanding the number of potential applications.

After the launch of Sephadex in 1960, Pharmacia (now GE Healthcare) continued to spearhead advances in the field of chromatography by introducing Sepharose in 1967. 

Thanks to the versatility and high mechanical stability of Sepharose, it is an excellent base matrix for high performance chromatographic procedures in affinity chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, and other modes of separation.
GE Healthcare continues to build on the legacy of Sepharose with rigid, high flow agarose-based media such as Capto and MabSelect.

Key Features

  • Chemical versatility: multiple options for stable attachment of different ligands increase the number of potential applications.
  • Physical stability: mechanically stable base matrix for various types of chromatography.
  • Low non-specific absorption: excellent for affinity chromatography.
  • Broad selection of media: available as bulk media or prepacked in columns.
  • Well-proven: widely used in laboratory and industrial applications.

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