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Percoll Density Centrifugation Media

For over 30 years, GE Healthcare has been one of the largest suppliers of density gradient centrifugation media for the preparation of a wide variety of cell types, organelles, and microorganisms for research and clinical applications.

Scientists across the world have endorsed the quality and versatility of Percoll - named after its inventor, Håkan Pertoft at Uppsala University - in thousands of publications. So whether you want to separate blood cells, liver cells, interstitial cells, macrophages, mast cells, thymocytes, bacteria, lysosomes, mitochondria, or plant organelles, the biofriendly physical characteristics of Percoll will help you isolate highly viable cell populations with intact morphology. In addition, separation on Percoll is useful as a first step to enrich for cell populations before attempts at higher resolution separation or extraction of nucleic acids.

Percoll PLUS is especially designed for the preparation of cells for clinical research applications, delivering all the benefits of low endotoxin activity.

Key features

  • Highly stable: used to form continuous or discontinuous gradients.
  • Biofriendly: low osmolality for extremely high cell viability and intact morphology, downstream processes unaffected by Percoll treatment.
  • Versatile: customize separation characteristics by diluting with solutions of NaCl or sucrose.

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