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MabSelect Protein A Affinity Media

High titers of antibodies produced by modern expression systems require chromatography media with high capacity and chemical stability to obtain high yields and ensure a long media lifetime. MabSelect is a rigid, high capacity media that allows high linear flow rates for efficient processing of large
volumes of feed.

Improve your Process Economy

All MabSelect media have a base matrix of high-flow agarose with high chemical stability. Since MabSelect media allow large feed volumes to be quickly processed on relatively smaller column volumes, MabSelect increases productivity and process economics with less capital investment and facility space. In addition, improvements to the chemical stability of Protein A provide increased durability and a reduction in costs for large-scale production.

MabSelect media can reduce the number of required chromatography steps and improve your process economy by decreasing the number and cost of unit operations. Where three or four steps were once needed to purify antibodies, today some MAb processes require only two steps with reductions in complimentary filtration and conditioning. 

The improved process economy derived from MabSelect SuRe as a component in the production of therapeutic MAbs has led to the validation of MabSelect SuRe as a healthymagination innovation.

Key Features

  • High-flow agarose matrix results in high flow velocities at production scale allowing for the processing of more than 10 000 L of feed in one working day.
  • High dynamic binding capacity reduces media volume requirements.
  • BioProcess media developed and supported for large-scale chromatography for fast, efficient, and cost-effective biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

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