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HyClone Cell Culture Products

HyClone has provided customers with fetal bovine serum (FBS) and other cell culture products since 1967. As part of GE Healthcare since March 2014, HyClone continues to offer high-performing cell culture products, manufactured to strict quality standards.

The HyClone cell culture portfolio includes sera, media, supplements, buffers and process liquids.

Pioneering for Enhanced Product Quality

HyClone has a proud track record of letting customer needs fuel the development of products and manufacturing procedures. HyClone was, for example, the first company to introduce true-pool processing for FBS, minimizing variability within serum lots. Later, as regulatory standards matured towards animal origin free products, HyClone worked diligently with customers to create high-performing products to meet their needs.

Consistent Quality and Reliability

GE Healthcare HyClone products are manufactured under strict quality conditions for consistent quality and reliability. Manufacturing facilities in key global regions help meet rising demand and ensure you get your HyClone cell culture products when you need them—wherever you are in the world.


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