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DeltaVision Microscopy Imaging Systems

Our DeltaVision products provide comprehensive microscopy imaging solutions to help scientists address disease-related questions for cellular and subcellular analyses beyond the limitations of conventional methods.

DeltaVision high- and super-resolution imaging systems, formerly Applied Precision, are now part of GE Healthcare.

DeltaVision Elite Imaging System

DeltaVision Elite is an integrated high-resolution, fluorescence microscopy platform optimized for low-light imaging of live cells and general fluorescence imaging applications. DeltaVision Elite incorporates multiple refinements of the optical system which, in combination with advanced automation, optimize the entire system for imaging live specimens. Supporting numerous options for advanced imaging modalities, DeltaVision Elite is the ideal platform for a wide range of fluorescent imaging needs.

DeltaVision OMX Imaging System

DeltaVision OMX and DeltaVision OMX SR are advanced multimode, super-resolution systems representing the next generation of optical microscopy. DeltaVision OMX systems offer super-resolution modes using 2D and 3D structured illumination (SIM) and localization microscopy, as well as fast widefield acquisition. The innovative Blaze SIM Module offers dynamic high speed SIM, which has made live cell super-resolution imaging a reality. In addition, DeltaVision OMX systems support a novel Ring-TIRF system that offers large, evenly illuminated, fields of view in TIRF mode enabling applications such as single molecule tracking and localization super-resolution imaging.


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