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Capto Chromatography Media

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Developments in upstream processing, such as larger feed volumes and increased protein expression levels, can raise process productivity. Yet, these advances only add value when you can efficiently deal with more process material.

Overcome Downstream Bottlenecks

Capto ion exchange (IEX), multimodal (MM), and hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) media can help you streamline your process and overcome downstream bottlenecks. By offering a combination of high volume throughput and high capacity, Capto provides a powerful solution for fast and efficient processing of large amounts of protein.

Efficient Processing from Capture to Polishing

Capto media are designed for large-scale chromatographic processes where high throughput and process economy are essential. The matrix has exceptional mechanical stability and optimized pore structure to allow efficient capture under high-flow conditions. The improved mechanical stability also increases flexibility in terms of bed heights and the ability to process highly viscous feeds. The chemical stability of Capto media assures a long lifetime even when harsh cleaning procedures are used.

Key Features

High-productivity capture, intermediate purification, and polishing when high volume throughput is essential.

  • Based on highly rigid agarose that allows significantly increased flow rates and bed heights.
  • BioProcess media developed and supported for large-scale chromatography for fast, efficient, and cost-effective biopharmaceutical manufacturing.