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Biacore SPR Systems

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In the 1980s, pioneering research in the area of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) led to the launch of the world’s first SPR-based analytical instrument called BIAcore. Since then, Biacore technology has been used in thousands of peer-reviewed scientific publications, allowing real-time, label-free detection and characterization of biomolecular interactions. 

GE Healthcare’s Biacore systems are used in areas such as pharmaceutical drug discovery, antibody characterization, proteomics, immunogenicity, biotherapeutic development and manufacture, as well as many life science research applications. Customers include leading global pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, and research centers.

Label-Free, Real Time Data For Deeper Insights

Setting the performance benchmark, Biacore systems generate high quality data on the interactions between proteins and other molecules, including small molecule drug candidates. During research, development and manufacture, these data give insights into molecular function and disease mechanisms, and play a key role in the critical decisions needed for efficient development and production of therapeutics.

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