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Amersham Systems, Membranes, Film and Reagents

Innovative solutions to meet specific protein analysis needs

Since 1990 when we first launched Amersham ECL™ we have continued our commitment to providing innovative solutions for your protein analysis needs. Our products are optimized to work together so you can easily achieve excellent Western blotting results.

Reproducible quantitative analysis: Fluorescence detection is recommended, because the signal stability and multiplexing capabilities result in reproducible data and normalization of target proteins in just one step.

Sensitive analysis: When analyzing cellular and protein functions, common challenges are a limited amount of sample or primary antibody, or very low protein expression.

Great value, routine analysis: To verify the presence or absence of a specific protein of interest protein quantity in the sample is not a limiting factor, and sensitivity is not an issue. For these applications, we recommend cost-effective products that allow you to quickly move to the next step.

The following product combinations will help you to obtain outstanding results in Western blotting:


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