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Upstream Bioprocessing

The task of cleaning, setup, and sterilization of a fixed bioreactor typically takes one working day and requires copious amounts of high purity water and energy. The installation of a single-use bioreactor takes minutes. 

Our single-use WAVE “rocking” and Xcellerex “stirred tank” bioreactor systems, together with our consumables, bring speed and flexibility to your upstream bioprocessing.

Rocking Bioreactors Stirred Tank Bioreactors

Cultivation Made Easy

WAVE Bioreactor Systems make cell culture faster, flexible, and more cost-effective. Cells and culture medium only come in contact with a presterilized, disposable culture chamber called a Cellbag Bioreactor that is placed on a rocking platform to induce waves.

The gentle wave motion prevents settling and provides oxygenation without bubbles. WAVE Bioreactor Systems have been used extensively for monoclonal antibody production as well as for cultivation of anchorage-dependent cells on various microcarriers. WAVE Bioreactor Systems are available in a variety of scalable configurations for suspension, microcarrier, batch, fed-batch, or perfusion culture.


Designed for Growth

Xcellerex XDR single-use, stirred-tank bioreactors are constructed for growth, in both cell culture and in microbial fermentation processes. These well-characterized systems deliver a performance comparable with that of conventional stirred-tank bioreactors of equivalent size—from process development to manufacturing scale. All of this is achieved without the complexity or cost of steam-in-place or clean-in-place operations. XDR bioreactors are modular and come delivered with process hardware, instrumentation, and controls. When installed, the XDR system can be fully operational within hours.

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