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Target ID and Validation

Biochemical, structural, and functional characterization of potential drug targets is necessary for the discovery and development of therapeutics that modulate their activity in the desired way.

Our portfolio of specialist technologies provide researchers with valuable insights into a target’s involvement in disease pathology and a better understanding of the biological processes and key molecular pathways involved. These tools include cell imaging platforms, such as the IN Cell Analyzer high-content analysis system, and Biacore surface plasmon resonance technology for determination of the active binding concentration and characterization of unlabeled molecular interactions.

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Biacore Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Systems

When screening for binders to orphan receptors (ligand fishing), Biacore systems detect specific binding directly in crude cell and tissue homogenates. The captured ligand can be recovered from the biosensor surface and the identity determined without further purification, saving both time and precious sample.

IN Cell Analyzer High-Content Analysis (HCA) System

High-content analysis complements in vitro binding and enzyme assays. The technique is widely used to explore a target’s association with a specific disease, test its ability to regulate biological processes, and to confirm that interactions produce the desired effect in diseased cells. IN Cell Analyzer systems are ideally suited to large-scale assays including genome-scale RNAi screens which are used to identify sets of genes involved in specific mechanisms or to annotate those for which no clear role has previously been established.

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