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Stem Cells as Research Tools

Stem cells have an important potential as subjects on which to test new drugs. For example, new medications can be tested for safety on differentiated cells generated from human pluripotent cell lines such as ES cells.

The availability of more biologically relevant, predictive assays and cell models is likely to improve the success rate and reduce the cost of the drug development process. 

Predictive Toxicity

Stem cell-based assays and models could also expedite the termination of unpromising compounds earlier in development. Up to 75% of toxicity problems remain undetected until preclinical trials or later, with cardiotoxicity being a common cause of drug safety liability and withdrawal during development. Industrial scale production of cardiomyocytes would thus provide a readily available supply of cells for safety screening.

Our Cytiva Cardiomyocytes are derived from human ES cells and provide a biologically relevant alternative to current cell models and primary cells for predictive toxicity testing. These cells are highly characterized and functionally verified, and are available cryopreserved and in a range of quantities.

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