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Stem Cell Analysis

At various points during the generation and differentiation of ES cell lines, the cells are characterized to verify that they exhibit the fundamental properties of ES or the target cell.

Although scientists have not yet agreed on a standard battery of tests, they often include the growth and subculture of the cells over a period of many months, measurement of gene expression and cell surface markers, and characterization of cell morphology.

For adult stem cells, it must be demonstrated that a single adult-derived stem cell can generate a line of genetically identical cells that can then give rise to all the appropriate differentiated cell types of the tissue.However, much work remains to understand how to use these cells to their full potential.

Portray Your Stem Cells with High-Content Analysis

Stem cell derived neurones

Stem cell derived human neurones.

Huntington stem cell derived oligoendrocyte.

High-content analysis (HCA) is particularly valuable for stem cell analysis, providing high-throughput subcellular imaging and enabling comprehensive and fast analysis of pluripotency, differentiation, and phenotypic markers. 

Combined with multiparameter supporting data on proliferation, cell morphology, and cell health, HCA brings a new dimension to stem cell research.

Our product portfolio for high-content analysis of stem cells includes:

  • IN Cell Analyzer HCA systems for powerful analysis of stem cell markers at each stage of differentiation. The wide range of objectives allows imaging at all scales from whole well imaging of stem cell colonies down to high-resolution subcellular marker and morphology analysis.
  • IN Cell Investigator toolset that enables detailed analysis of complex stem cell assays.
  • Cell-based assays for investigating a range of cell markers and functions.

In addition, our Biotrak Immunoassay Kits aid in the phenotypic and functional characterization of stem cells by measuring a range of intracellular analytes.

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