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Single-Use Technologies

Establishing a new production process is expensive and can take years to set up. At each step, from biosynthesis to formulation, materials must be validated to eliminate contamination risks. Disposable, single-use technologies eliminate cleaning validation steps, providing significant time and cost savings.

Environmental Sustainability Advantages of Disposables Single-Use Bioprocessing Platform

Environmental Sustainability

Single-use bioprocessing can result in substantial reductions in a manufacturing facility’s environmental impact.

GE Healthcare Life Sciences is committed to offering high performance products, such as WAVE Bioreactor systems, that reduce environmental impact. WAVE Bioreactor, part of the ReadyToProcess platform, is included in GE’s ecomagination portfolio – a GE initiative to help meet customers' demands for products that improve their bottom line and reduce environmental impact.

To better understand the differences in environmental impact between conventional and single-use bioprocessing technology for an entire process train, GE Healthcare in collaboration with GE’s Ecoassessment Center of Excellence has completed an extensive study using an analytical approach known as lifecycle assessment (LCA).

The study shows that a shift from conventional equipment to single-use bioprocessing technology from GE Healthcare Life Sciences can result in substantial reductions in global warming potential, cumulative energy demand, water usage, and other environmental impacts. Read the full article published in the Journal of Cleaner Production or download our white paper summarizing the study.

Advantages of Disposables

Setting up, validating, and testing a new process in a fixed plant may take between two to four years. With single-use technology, this time span can be reduced by two thirds. Single-use fluid management and bioreactor bags cut the time of cleaning- and sterilization-in-place from days to minutes. Single-use technologies also have a smaller footprint and reduce consumption of resources such as labor, high purity water, and cleaning agents.

Manufacturing Agility

Single-use technology makes production operations responsive and agile. When upstream titers increase, single-use modules can be used to add extra capacity and allow downstream operations to keep up. Changeover between products can be made quickly and with a reduced risk for cross-contamination.

This is particularly useful when there is a need for several product candidates or when smaller patient populations require personalized therapies. Finally, single-use technology increases preparedness for pandemics and bioterrorism that require fast and flexible responses in terms of scale-up and location.

Single-Use Bioprocessing from Start to Finish

GE Healthcare's single-use bioprocessing platform brings seamless, scalable implementation to upstream and downstream operations in biopharmaceutical production. It is designed to simplify and accelerate process design and manufacturing, reduce time-consuming activities, and increase your manufacturing agility. From start to finish, our single-use bioprocessing platform enables rapid response times, flexibility, and product safety.

Our products for single-use bioprocessing include systems and accessories for cell culture and fermentation, separation and purification, fluid management, and connectivity.

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