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Sample Transport and Archiving

Samples often need to be transported from the collection site to the processing laboratory. When personal delivery of the samples cannot be accommodated, FTA easily fits into all globally used envelopes and can be shipped at room temperature.

Sample integrity during transport and storage will be maximized by placing your FTA cards in a Multi-Barrier Pouch with a desiccant pack. Multi-Barrier Pouches may be used for transporting or storing FTA cards. The pouches feature a tamper-evident seal. Two sizes are available—large and small. Desiccant packets ensure that the FTA matrix remains dry during transport or storage.

Convenient Archiving

FTA technology is used globally in forensic labs for long-term, ambient temperature archiving of single-source DNA samples. These samples are often tested at the time of collection, and then stored. However, re-testing of these samples can occur months to years later upon request for verification purposes. FTA cards are effective matrices for sample collection and long-term, room-temperature archiving for a decade or more.


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