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Sample Collection

As global databases are being created and expanded, forensic laboratories are facing increasing numbers of samples that require processing. Although laboratory automation and new direct STR amplification chemistries are alleviating some of the bottlenecks in the databasing process, laboratories still require standardized collection procedures, consistent DNA collection media, and stabilized nucleic acids that can be analyzed years after collection.

GE Healthcare Life Sciences addresses this need by offering Whatman FTA technology and the capability to manufacture high-quality custom sample collection cards and kits. GE Healthcare offers a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom FTA products for the collection of human blood, buccal (cheek) cells, and saliva.

In addition to the advantages of FTA technology over untreated papers and swabs (below), FTA cards provide flexibility—one sample can be used with multiple downstream technologies.

Advantages of FTA technology over untreated papers and swabs:

Customized Collection Products

Field-based sample collection often requires the use of multiple products, such as data collection forms, gloves, sterile wipes, and a collection product, as well as barcodes to help ensure chain of custody.

Custom kits enable you to handle all of these tasks with a single product that will fit into your agency's workflow. GE Healthcare can customize kits that include any of our Whatman FTA products or other sample collection products and accessories.

We can provide custom FTA cards with the following options:

  • Accommodation for areas to include subject's information and/or fingerprints
  • Agency-specific data forms; agency name, logo, etc.
  • Inclusion of barcodes for tracking
  • Customized instructions for sample collection and shipping
  • Special inks for optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Tools needed for successful collection and transport
  • And much more by utilizing our Custom Service Group


Trust GE Healthcare, with its expertise, manufacturing capability, and quality systems, to manufacture your custom sample collection kits and cards. For more information, contact us.

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