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ReadyToProcess Filters, Fluid Management, and Connectivity

ReadyToProcess filtration devices, bags, tubing, and connectors make bioprocessing simpler and faster, while minimizing contamination risks. Our ready-to-use technologies work seamlessly together and bring plug and play capabilities to biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Preconditioned ReadyToProcess filters for cross flow (CFF/TFF) and normal flow filtrations (NFF) cut unnecessary downtime and eliminate time-consuming cleaning and cleaning validation. Fluid management is seamless with ReadyCircuit bags and tubing assemblies that form sterile, self-contained modules in minutes.

For secure fluid transfer during multiple connection and disconnection cycles, our tube fusing and sealing instruments and ReadyMate genderless aseptic connectors provide sterile connections. Finally, ReadyKart mobile processing station simplifies ergonomic placement of bags, tube sets, filters, and other related equipment.


Filtration Devices Fluid Management Fluid Transfer

ReadyToProcess filters are preconditioned, sterile, and ready to use cartridges and capsules for CFF and NFF. We offer a range of filters that span from pilot- to process-scale to save time in development, and simplify scale-up.

ReadyToProcess filters for CFF and NFF can be integrated into ReadyCircuit assemblies to form self-contained purification modules that maintain an aseptic flow path and remove time-consuming process steps associated with conventional systems. Disposable, aseptic ReadyMate connectors are also available to ensure sterile connections to filtration systems.

The NFF devices provide efficient, sterilizing grade filtration for a wide range of biopharmaceutical solutions and CFF devices are available in a wide variety of ultrafiltration molecular weight cut-offs and pore sizes.

Single-use, disposable fluid management technologies simplify and speed up bioprocessing. ReadyCircuit bags and tubing assemblies enable the design of almost any fluid processing circuit imaginable. We offer our easily configurable assemblies as off-the-shelf products or custom-designed modules to suit your specific needs.

ReadyCircuit bags come in a variety of configurations to facilitate transfer to production. The smaller 2-D and pillow bag assemblies, with volumes ranging from 250 ml to 50 l, are used with mobile carts and in small-scale applications. The larger 3-D bag assemblies, with volumes from 100 l to 500 l, are for large-scale production. ReadyCircuit bag assemblies are manufactured with ReadyKleer Film. This bio-inert film is composed of five layers to give it exceptional clarity, low oxygen permeability, and high tensile strength.

Use ReadyCircuit bags together with manifolds/tubes, sensors, and cross-flow filtration (CFF/TFF) and normal flow filtration (TFF) assemblies. After processing, the entire circuit can be disposed, eliminating the time and cost associated with cleaning and cleaning validation.

The bags, tube sets, filters, and related equipment can be secured in appropriate orientations for efficient operation using ReadyKart Mobile Processing Station. With an array of versatile features and optional accessories, ReadyKart is designed to support a variety of fluid handling needs.

Secure fluid transfer is vital to processes that require multiple connection and disconnection cycles. We offer a broad selection of integrated products that provide aseptic and disposable connections between unit operations, as well as leak-proof seals of thermoplastic tubing to ensure sterile integrity and smooth workflows.

ReadyMate disposable aseptic connectors are genderless for fast assembly of upstream and downstream components. The genderless design reduces the need for a complex inventory and increases flexibility in assembling a variety of single-use flow paths. As the connectors are self-contained, sterile single-use connections can be made in a non-hooded environment. The connectors come in standard hose barb, mini TC, and TC sizes. Sensor assemblies terminating with ReadyMate connectors are also available to reliably monitor pressure, temperature, and conductivity.

Tube Fuser is an instrument that welds thermoplastic tubing in sterile operations. For example, connect sterile containers, Cellbag Bioreactors, and process equipment for aseptic transfer of large volumes of inoculum, media, buffers, and process intermediates. Tube Sealer is an instrument that heat seals thermoplastic tubing without the need for tubing adaptors. The seal forms a tamperproof and leak-proof closure.