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MAb Development and Production

Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) have become the dominant category of biotherapeutics. With high demands on productivity and cost-efficiency, the bioprocessing industry is still facing many challenges.

GE Healthcare Life Science’s platform technologies can help you achieve cost-efficient MAb process development and manufacturing. We offer cell culture media, bioreactors, high-flow chromatography media, high-throughput process development (HTPD) tools, disposable technologies, and breakthroughs in large-scale processing equipment.

From research and process development to full-scale manufacturing, we provide MAb bioprocessing solutions designed to your specifications, whether you choose single-use, hybrid or traditional technologies. We also offer process & facility solutions such as KUBio, a cGMP-compliant designed pre-engineered facility for MAb production.

Upstream MAb Production Downstream MAb Capture Downstream MAb Polishing Antibody Fragments

The most commonly used upstream MAb biomanufacturing process is based on cultivating eukaryotic cell lines, for example Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells, in serum-free culture media in a fed-batch process. Our capabilities include products that can make the entire upstream workflow more efficient. Examples are HyClone cell culture media, sera and process liquids offering, small- to pilot-scale WAVE Bioreactor systems and the Xcellerex portfolio with stirred-tank bioreactors up to 2000 L, single-use mixers, and a disposable 50 L fermentor.

In addition, GE Healthcare’s single-use technologies include aseptic connectors, preconditioned filters, and bags and tubing assemblies. These disposable solutions make bioprocessing simpler, faster, and minimize contamination risks.

Learn more about tools for upstream MAb biomanufacturing.

Downstream MAb capture is based on protein A-based affinity chromatography media giving high yields and excellent purity in a single step. MabSelect SuRe LX is our highest-capacity Protein A media, designed for high titer antibody processes.

AxiChrom column platform simplifies column handling at all scales from process development to full-scale production. ÄKTA systems with UNICORN software enable scale-up of MAb purification from ÄKTA ready with a disposable flow path, and ÄKTA avant, to large-scale manufacturing with ÄKTAprocess.

Learn more about tools for downstream MAb capture.

Downstream MAb polishing commonly includes one or two chromatography steps to remove remaining impurities. Our MAb purification toolbox includes Capto and Capto ImpRes chromatography media, designed for efficient polishing.

To facilitate effective process development, our selection of chromatography media is available in bulk, as well as in a broad range of scalable formats for high-throughput process development (HTPD), such as HiScreen prepacked columns and PreDictor plates & mini-columns.

Learn more about tools for downstream MAb polishing.

Antibody fragments have previously been lacking a platform solution. With the introduction of Capto L and LambdaFabSelect chromatography media, an industrial platform for the purification of antibody fragments has emerged.

Capto and Capto ImpRes chromatography media are suitable for efficient polishing of all different types of antibody fragments (Fabs, scFv, and domain antibodies).

Learn more about tools for producing antibody fragments.

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