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Imagers and Scanners

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The type of imager to use depends heavily upon the detection system or systems you choose and the quality and quantity of data required from your experiments. 

Amersham Typhoon biomolecular imagers are designed for versatile imaging and precise quantitation of fluorescent, colorimetric, and radiolabeled proteins and nucleic acids. Amersham Typhoon systems offer resolution as low as 10 µm, detection limit as low as 3 pg, linear dynamic range with greater than 5 orders of magnitude and as many as 5 lasers to cover the whole spectrum of light. Amersham Typhoon systems are modular, so you can choose the functionalities best suited for your users and upgrade easily as those needs evolve.

Amersham Imager 600 series combines GE Healthcare Western blotting expertise with optimized charge-coupled device (CCD) technology and exceptional optics from Fujifilm™. The system comes in four fully upgradable configurations based on equipped combinations of light sources and filters. Amersham Imager 600 series brings high-performance imaging to chemiluminescence, fluorescence, colorimetric, and densitometric applications.

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