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Image Analysis Software

Modern quantitative analysis image software must cope with a range of image analysis needs, from basic documentation and purity screening to the querying of entire gene expression datasets or 2-D gel datasets.

GE Healthcare’s imaging analysis software, together with our imagers, offer total solutions for both routine and challenging applications.

ImageQuant TL ImageMaster 2D Platinum DeCyder 2D Differential Analysis Software

ImageQuant TL is a suite of image analysis tools designed to meet a broad range of analysis requirements. ImageQuant TL is an automated and easy-to-use general purpose gel, blot, and array image analysis software.

The flexible ImageQuant TL software features high levels of automation, yet still allows manual editing  at any stage of the analysis. Image data can be extracted easily and accurately in a matter of seconds to produce consistently reliable data. ImageQuant TL software also supports multiplexing for advanced fluorescence applications. ImageQuant TL SecurITy adds functions for audit trails and user authorization.

ImageMaster 2D Platinum is built for comprehensive visualization, exploration, and analysis of 2-D image data. The analysis software, aimed at identifying protein markers of interest through differential expression analysis, can be used for a wide range of 2-D gel and blot experiments, including 2-D DIGE.

ImageMaster 2D Platinum is developed by the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics in collaboration with GE Healthcare, and is powered by the widely used Melanie gel analysis software.

DeCyder 2D Differential Analysis Software is optimized for 2-D DIGE experiments using CyDye DIGE Fluorescent Dyes. This dedicated 2-D analysis software uses the internal standard to analyze multiple samples within a gel and enables comparative analysis between multiple gels, minimizing gel-to-gel variation. 

With DeCyder, you can achieve detection of < 10% differences between protein samples with > 95% statistical confidence, within minutes.

DeCyder Extended Data Analysis software (DeCyder EDA) is integrated into DeCyder 2D for powerful multivariate analysis to uncover patterns in protein expression data.

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