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High Throughput Process Development

Developing biomanufacturing processes is a complex task of balancing the quality (purity) of the product with process robustness and a minimum of unit operations to improve economy.

At the earliest stage of development, laboratory-scale purification is required to obtain material for discovery and development. Even at this stage, future process development must be considered to avoid the use of methods that cannot be efficiently scaled up and use of materials that are too expensive or hazardous to use in manufacturing processes. Requirements also change when moving a purification process from an explorative environment to a highly regulated production environment.

Powerful Tools for Parallel Screening

The challenge of the process developer is to shorten development time, and increase process knowledge to design a robust, scalable process. Development of downstream chromatography processes has become faster and simpler due to technology platforms and high throughput process development (HTPD) tools.

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