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HCA Imaging Systems and Software

High-content imaging systems, together with powerful analysis and data management software products, allow researchers to ask more complex questions and achieve results faster.

Choose Your Imaging Technology Customize Your IN Cell Analyzer Extract Your Results with Powerful Software

High-content analysis systems like the IN Cell Analyzer range from GE Healthcare, can be confocal or non-confocal.

Confocal instruments, such as IN Cell Analyzer 6000, are based on lasers. They image and resolve a thin optical section of the sample, and reject the unfocused light outside the section. This gives high signal to noise ratios and high resolution. 

Non-confocal instruments, such as IN Cell Analyzer 2200 can be used if a larger focal depth is needed, or when temporal resolution or sensitivity is more important to the study. 

The choice of technology is a compromise between sensitivity (photon budget), throughput, and the levels of spatial and spectral resolution needed. However, the “iris-like” optical engine of IN Cell Analyzer 6000 allows the user to choose between confocal mode, widefield mode, or any setting in between.

Depending on your needs, IN Cell Analyzer systems can be configured with modules such as environmental or temperature control for live cell imaging or liquid handling for kinetic studies. A range of filters, objectives, and accessories such as slide holders is also available. In addition, HCA instruments can be complemented with accessories such as robots for liquid handling to increase automation capabilities.

Image analysis software is a vital component of HCA since potentially thousands of images are captured in a single assay. Whether you are analyzing changes in cell morphology or using multiple parameters to classify cells into subpopulations, analysis software streamlines interpretation of the data and provides objective, statistically relevant results. IN Cell Investigator analysis software offers three different levels of analysis tools to suit the complexity of different assay types and user skill levels.

In addition, HCA allows for re-analysis of images using different analysis parameters, maximizing the information provided by each experiment. Re-analysis shortens the time-to-result by increasing speed and reducing sample number.

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