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Cell Isolation, Expansion, and Analysis

GE Healthcare has a steadily growing range of innovative solutions for research related to cell therapy. Our products include density gradient media for cell preparation, an automated system to process cord blood, as well as cell culture bioreactors and reagents.

Whatever your cell therapy strategy is, we have the solution for cell preparation and expansion for almost any type of cell you may use.

As most cell types of interest are present at low levels in various tissues, peripheral or cord blood, the main challenge in cell-based therapies is efficient cell recovery from different sources. Manual or automatic cell isolation and processing is often necessary. Depending on the cell type and the required yield, we offer a range of products to enable you to choose the most appropriate method of isolation for your application.

Cell Isolation Cell Expansion Cell Analysis

Density gradient centrifugation media enable a flexible, general-purpose approach to the isolation of specific cell types or subcellular components based on size and/or density. In some cases, affinity chromatography media can be used to isolate specific cell types through molecules expressed on the cell surface.

Ficoll-Paque PREMIUM products are sterile, ready-to-use density gradient centrifugation media for the preparation of mononuclear cells of different densities from peripheral blood, bone marrow, and umbilical cord blood. All Ficoll-Paque PREMIUM products are manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 13485:2003.

Cell production for clinical therapies falls into two general categories based on the nature of the final product: ‘patient-specific’ and ‘off-the-shelf’ therapies. Patient-specific therapies are related to autologous therapies, or are restricted to histocompatibility matching, and demand production on an individual basis, ideally at the point of care. The emphasis of process design is therefore likely to be placed on ease-of-use, and disposable cell production.

Off-the-shelf therapies, in contrast, can be mass-produced in large-scale runs in specialized facilities and then distributed to clinics upon request. Such processes could take advantage of economy of scale, but strategies must address histocompatibility barriers. Cell culture production units should be compact and modular, allowing substantial reductions in costs while minimizing the risk of contamination. Cell-growing facilities must be flexible, including the option for large-scale culture, in order to be able to meet various challenges.

WAVE Bioreactor Systems
use a disposable Cellbag bioreactor that does not require cleaning or sterilization, making it particularly suitable for GMP-compliant production of therapeutic cells. Culture media can be supplemented with lectins or mitogenic agents to increase productivity or to activate cells for specific applications. Even anchorage-dependent cells can be expanded successfully by the using Cytodex microcarriers.

From cell isolation to expansion, target gene expression and other markers must be analyzed to establish that the cells have attained the desired phenotype. In addition, other parameters must be analyzed such as proliferative potential, cell morphology, and general cell health.

High Content Analysis (HCA) is a powerful technology for high-throughput microscopic analysis of phenotype, differentiation, and morphology. IN Cell Analyzer Systems enable automated imaging and analysis for a range of studies including investigative microscopy, live cell assays, and high content screening (HCS).

Cell Factory is an outsourcing service offered by GE Healthcare aimed at getting the optimal performance from cell-based assays for high throughput and high content screening. Projects are handled by experts after a service agreement has been established. We take a consultative approach with you, setting achievable milestones throughout the life of your project.

 We have an extensive range of cell-based assays for research studies including:


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